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Types of rooftop solar under different electric conditions

One another import factor to consider before getting your solar power system is your electric conditions. Under different energy supply condition, your installation of solar system might be changed.

On-grid (AC system without backup):

Suitable for areas where power is available most of the time and objective is savings in electricity bill for home/SME. System is connected to the gird on net metering basis and comes without backup. 

Off-grid (AC system with back up):

Suitable for areas where power cut is frequent and objective is power backup for homes/small businesses. System is not connected to grid and comes with batteries for backup during power cuts.

Off-grid (DC system with backup):

Suitable for areas where power is not available or negligible and objective is power supply for homes/small businesses. System comes with batteries which gets charged during daytime and supplies DC power to DC appliances. This is the most efficient system and has minimum conversion losses.


Reference: Oriano