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How are rooftop solar panels installed?

Installing solar panels on your roof is a complex project. While most people know what solar panels are, you might still be curious about the steps of solar power system installation.

There are a few basic steps to how solar panels are installed on a roof. Keep in mind that depending on your roof, these steps might change. It’s always best to ask your contractor any questions related to your installation project.

Basic rooftop solar panel installation steps include:

  1. Place mounts four feet apart and on rafters.
  2. Drill holes into rafters
  3. Secure the mount with steel bolts and seal the surrounding area
  4. Fasten the solar panel to the mount
  5. Connect the solar panel to the electrical supply

We want to remind you that while these steps may sound easy, it is even easier to cause damage to your roof. This post is only for you to get some basic ideas of the installation steps of rooftop solar system. We do highly recommend that you hire a contractor or certified professional for all solar panel installation work.

Reference: Electric Choice