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Comparison among 3 forms of solar projects

Now that you already understand the three forms of solar projects, and probably thinking about getting your own solar project for your residential or business structure. The first question to consider is: which form of solar power project is your best choice?

Pros and Cons for Rooftop Solar:

Rooftop solar, just as its name implies, is built on the roofs of building structure which means it does not require physical ground space. The installers have the right to feed solar electricity into the public grid and hence to receive a reasonable tariff per generated kWh reflecting the benefits of solar electricity. The current tariff for rooftop solar is 8.38 US cents/kWh, which is higher than the ground-mounted solar and floating solar.  

Due to its limited space, rooftop solar often has smaller scales comparing to the other types. Therefore, it is not suitable for those who requires large scale.

Pros and Cons for Ground-Mounted Solar:

Ground-mounted solar is another common type of solar power project, which is often to be installed in large-scale.

Comparing to rooftop solar, ground-mounted requires strict physical space on your property. Unlike a rooftop solar system, a ground-mounted installation will take up new square footage on your property. The ground space needs to be stable and suitable for solar system. Also, between the cost of equipment and the intensive installation work, ground-mounted solar panels usually have a higher upfront cost than rooftop panels.

Pros and Cons for Floating Solar:

For a floating solar project, it does not require any land space since it can be installed on bodies of waters. Solar panels cannot be as effective when the temperature rise, therefore, water can be the perfect cooling system on solar equipment to both reduce costs and increase effectiveness.

However, the costs of floating solar is usually higher than the other types due to its requirement of additional costs to install the solar panel on water. Also, floating solar installation does not work for just anyone. Usually, majority of floating solar installations are large-scale and provide power for utility companies, large communities, companies or municipalities.

If you are a residential or business structure owner who would like to have your own solar power system, we do recommend you to choose rooftop solar to begin your first step.

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